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Welcome! This is a Lord of the Rings roleplaying game based on the trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien (book verse).

Frodo and Sam failed in their quest to destroy the one ring. It is lost in Mordor, and the two Hobbits had no choice but to turn back. The fate of Middle Earth once more is undecided.

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One Ring to rule them all..
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» Taking In The Revelations, TA 3018, Octobre 25th
Past Thread Posted: Sep 18 2014, 13:43
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The Council had dispersed. Legolas had just a moment ago lost sight of the last person who had attended. They all had gone their way, mostly quietly and in thought, and Legolas wondered whether the magnitude of what had been discussed weighed on then as heavily as it did on him.

He had come here to report the escape of a creature whose importance he had been unable to fathom. Even now, he was caught between feeling even more ashamed of the Mirkwood Elves’ failure to keep Gollum safe, and thinking the creature might be the least of their problems.

The Ring, the Hobbit having agreed to destroy it, the various moves the Enemy had made so far in the various realms to find out about and get it back, the danger all of middle Earth was in, including Legolas’ own people, it would take a lot of thinking to fully come to terms with it all. What was he going to do now? Could he simply return home and leave the fate of the world in the hands of a Halfling?

With the Council with its long tales and explanations having taken up many hours, it was well past the time for a midday meal, and the guest had been invited to request food from the kitchens wherever they felt like it. Legolas’ plan had been to take something in his room so he would have some peace and quiet to think. Yet, when he got there, it was too quiet, and to enclosed for his thoughts to run freely. He longed for fresh air and the kind of not-so-quiet solitude that his home woods had to offer.

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