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Welcome! This is a Lord of the Rings roleplaying game based on the trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien (book verse).

Frodo and Sam failed in their quest to destroy the one ring. It is lost in Mordor, and the two Hobbits had no choice but to turn back. The fate of Middle Earth once more is undecided.

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One Ring to rule them all..
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Dec 22 2014, 01:02

If this mission were not of such necessity – entering the land of Mordor to try and clear the way for their companions to follow and retrieve the Ring – he was certain anyone, including himself, would have called their plan foolhardiness at best, utter madness at worst. But all the wisdom of those in council to decide what was best to do could formulate no better plan to retrieve the One Ring which had been lost in the Land of Shadows by Frodo and Sam.

And so the five of them had marched, or more like crept, at last to the long hard climb up to the dark, dreaded passageway leading from the outside of the mountainous western boundary of Mordor through to into the terrible land itself. This was the same path Frodo and Sam had taken barely two months before, which had nearly led them both to their deaths.

Those two dear Hobbits had survived to tell the whole tale of the horror within the tunnel, and of the lay of the land several days’ journey beyond it, which was most fortunate and useful for Gandalf and his four companions, who had taken to referring to themselves as the Decoys. Although, nothing Frodo and Sam had reported lessened their dread too much.

The terrible monster guarding the tunnel leading to the Tower of Cirith Ungol, the unknown malevolent terror long rumored, was now known to be a giant, monstrous, cunning, poisonous spider called Shelob. Sam had battled Shelob, wounding it into retreat, but knew not whether he had killed the spider. He and Frodo had not returned to Shelob’s lair in escaping Mordor, having instead been rescued by a Great Eagle who carried them out over the mountains, and that had been nigh two months ago. The Decoys must assume Shelob was still alive unless they found out otherwise, and if alive, they meant to kill it for good.

Frodo and Sam had certainly not exaggerated the difficulty (or the distance) of the long climb up the – calling it “a stairway” was being to generous, for really it was only ancient steps fashioned up the mountainside, much deteriorated by the passage of years and thousands of rough-shod Orc feet. The steps were steep, slippery, and narrow, and an exhausting many of them. And two members of the Decoys, Gandalf and Daeron, were neither young nor spry.

Gandalf called a halt at what must be the final decent resting place before the final climb, which Frodo and Sam remembered as taking them maybe ten minutes to finish. Breathing hard from the hours of exertion, his knees fairly creaking (along with the rest of him) in protest, he perched himself on a knob of stone to sit while his four companions settled themselves as they pleased. The passage being so narrow, there was barely room for the five of them in the bare stony alcove, tall sheer rock towering at their backs.

“According to report, that tunnel is barely ten minutes’ climb above us. Are you all prepared, my friends?”

Jul 27 2014, 05:42
From his somewhat odd vantage point riding atop the shoulders of the great Eagle, Gandalf the Tattered gazed down with sharp eyes and curious mind at the vast rolling grasslands and broken stony outcroppings which characterized the plains of Rohan, the horse kingdom of Men. He had not visited the realm of Rohan for decades, yet as Gwaihir flew him swiftly toward the royal fortress of Edoras, it seemed to Gandalf that the realm seemed somehow ill-kempt and bleak (though perhaps that was merely a reflection of the wizard’s own state of mind).

So swiftly did Gwaihir fly, eager as he was to be freed of his passenger and quit of his errand, Gandalf had very little time to observe or wonder about Rohan as the land rushed past beneath him. Gwaihir would carry him to Edoras itself, where the wizard must hastily deliver a grave warning to King Theoden and then procure a swift horse to ride back north, find Frodo Baggins, and get him and the Ruling Ring safely to Imladris. He was dreadfully concerned about Frodo and the Ring and could only pray that disaster had not already befallen that Hobbit.

Gwaihir had informed him that Rohan was rumored to be paying a yearly tribute of their beloved horses to Mordor though they were not yet fully under Sauron’s yoke. How dearly Gandalf wished he knew whether this rumor was true or false before he spoke to Theoden King, for in his ignorance he ran much greater risk of a costly misstep. But Gwaihir could tell him nothing definite, and there was no time to make inquiries. He could only hope that Theoden King would listen to facts and reason and respond wisely and honourably.

Gwaihir set him down a short walk from the gates of Edoras and flew away immediately, greatly to the shock of the guards. Making a valiant effort not to grow annoyed with the men’s stunned confusion, Gandalf wasted very little effort in trying to explain why he was requesting an immediate audience with their King while presenting himself in a remarkably disheveled state. His temper was at least as ragged as his appearance, but he managed to remain civil and was eventually rewarded by watching one of the guards go inside to announce him to the King.
Jun 30 2014, 06:36

Thinking of some RP for Eowyn and Gandalf, would you be interested in the time Gandalf came to Rohan to try and warn King Theoden about the traitor Saruman, and Theoden tells him to just choose a horse and begone, so Gandalf takes Shadowfax? That was an interesting time. smile.gif

Eomer could be in that too, and we could decide who would NPC Theoden and Grima?

May 7 2014, 07:28
If Faramir would like NPC support in this thread at any point, I could NPC Boromir or someone else useful? Just let me know. smile.gif
Apr 22 2014, 08:21
full name: Gandalf the White (the Elves and some others call him Mithrandir)
date of birth: unknown, but he entered Middle-earth about 1000 years after the beginning of the Third Age
home: The Undying Land (Valinor)
species: Maia (the Istari Order)
occupation: New head of the Istari Order in Middle-earth

general appearance:
He appears as an old man of perhaps 70 years. Tall (maybe 6’1”) but not heavy of body. Sometimes he stoops a little like the old man he appears to be, but usually he stands straight and tall. Light grey eyes, always bright and often twinkling with warmth and good humor. A large, blunt nose in a rather thin, lined face. His hair, bushy eyebrows, and long beard are snowy white. Hair and beard are both long and unbraided. He wears layered robes over leggings and good leather boots. His robes are pure white and richly embroidered in places.

His tall wizard's staff is of smoothly wrought white hardwood with a cage tip. He carries a fine pipe that always wafts of good Shire-grown pipeweed. He is a ring-bearer, keeper of Narya, the red-stoned Ring of Fire (given to him by Cirdan, the great Elven leader and shipwright). His weapons are Glamdring (the great Elven sword of Gondolin) and his wizard's staff. His horse is Shadowfax, the white Mearas of Rohan that understands people's speech.

distinguishing features:
Snowy white long hair and beard, white robes, wizard's staff, and the twinkle in his eyes

likes/ dislikes/ strengths/ weaknesses/ bad habits:
He has always been deeply interested in all the peoples of Middle-earth, not merely each race overall, but individuals too. He especially cherishes the Hobbits of the Shire for their innocence, peacefulness, cheer, and resilience, and has always taken especial steps to protect the Shire from the harshness that lies beyond its fair borders. He has made himself fluent in all the tongues of Middle-earth, including the languages of animals, birds, and possibly even plants (including spells and curses). He is highly learned in alchemy, healing, horsemanship, and swordsmanship. His knowledge of history and lore is vast (though even he sometimes has to pore through archives). He also is highly skilled and inventive in the making of fireworks and the blowing of smoke rings. He is a shrewd judge of character and can be very persuasive. He has a love of music, also. He enjoys the company of good people, and his humor can be quick and merry.

Primary dislikes are deceit, cruelty, injustice, rudeness, and the oppression of the vulnerable. He has no affinity for machinery and disapproves of anything that fouls the healthy natural environment. He also dislikes being without a steady supply of good Shire-grown pipeweed.

One of his weaknesses is his temper, which can flare suddenly and hot (like all wizards, it is unwise to provoke him or meddle in his affairs), yet he is slower to anger and quicker to forgive than most other Istari. Another weakness (though it can also be a strength) is that he does not hold himself remote from people as his fellow wizards do, but travels much and involves himself in the affairs of all the free peoples (except those few who refuse to welcome him).

family: None

other important people:
He has an especially strong connection with Aragorn that has stood the long test of time. He is attached to every other member of the Fellowship of Nine also, especially those four Hobbits. His friendship with Faramir of Gondor dates back to Faramir's early childhood. He is a close confident and friend of every Elven leader (with the possible exception of Thranduil), is on very good terms with Lord Imrahil and the new leaders of Rohan. He has always been on good terms with the Dwarves.

Gandalf entered into Middle-earth as one of the Istari, roughly 1000 years after the beginning of the Third Age. The Lady Galadriel of Lothlorien deemed him the wisest of the order, but Gandalf deferred to Saruman the White. He has been said to be the person most responsible for Sauron's downfall, laboring nonstop for roughly 2000 years to put an end to his reign. Gandalf is the bearer of Narya, the Ring of Fire, given to him by Cirdan when he arrived in Middle Earth.

Gandalf has always had an especial fondness for the innocence and kindliness of the Hobbits of the Shire. When Bilbo Baggins found Gollum’s precious Ring, Gandalf had suspicions about it but allowed Bilbo to keep it, for Bilbo had a good and strong heart, and he knew no safer place for it. In the year 3001 (when Bilbo was 111), Gandalf finally realized that Bilbo’s ring was Sauron’s Ruling Ring and that it had gotten too strong a hold over Bilbo. Therefore, he persuaded Bilbo to leave the Ring to Frodo, and shortly thereafter Gandalf set in motion the Fellowship of the Ring (the Quest of Mount Doom).

Gandalf was one of the most important people at the Council of Elrond, because he alone knew the full history of Sauron and the Ring. He led the Fellowship of the Ring until he fell in the Mines of Moria and was believed dead for some days. Although he fell battling the Balrog, he was sent back to Middle-earth as Gandalf the White to complete his work against Sauron.

His former superior, Saruman, had been secretly subverted by powerlust, and turned traitor against his own Order and all the free peoples of Middle-earth. Saruman overwhelmed the mind of King Theoden of Rohan in order to destroy Rohan as his first act in the oppression of the race of Men. Saruman was about to succeed in destroying Rohan when Gandalf the White discovered the plot, freed King Theoden, cast out Saruman, and took over as head of the Istari Order and White Council.

From Rohan, Gandalf along with Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Pippin, Merry, and the army of Rohan rode to the aid of Gondor, which was in dire danger of falling to the forces from Mordor and its allies. That attack on Gondor was repelled at terrible cost (including the deaths of Steward Denethor of Gondor and King Theoden of Rohan), but because the One Ring was not destroyed as planned, Sauron remains undefeated.

role play sample:

Gandalf stood at the balcony railing of the guestroom he shared with Pippin, in a building not far from the Citadel. Gandalf had gotten them a room facing east, for grim as the view of Mordor was, he wished to be able to see what moved there as much of the time as possible.

His mood was dark. The initial interview with Steward Denethor had gone even worse than he had expected, the strained conversation crackling with bitterness and hidden traps, little better than warfare concealed. Gandalf was still stamping out the heat of his temper, which he had held in check with utmost effort as Denethor had provoked him again and again.

Peregrin Took, with the best of intentions, had made matters even more difficult. Gandalf could hear the sounds from within their room as Pippin sorted through the livery he had been given as the newest guard of the Citadel. The sounds were too slow and interrupted to suggest an enthusiastic Hobbit examining a new treasure.

"I didn't suppose I should have to wear livery - mail, and all," Pippin said, sounding worried indeed. "I thought I'd be made a page, or something ceremonial, that's all. Surely they won't send me into battle... will they, Gandalf?" he asked very hopefully.

"The time to consider this was *before* you offered your services, Peregrin Took," Gandalf said rather sharply, without turning. "The vow of fealty you swore to Steward Denethor is literal and absolute - until Denethor releases you or death takes you. The choice is his and no one else's. You shall have to do as you are told!"

Very worried about Pippin's safety, which he could now ensure far less than he had intended, Gandalf suddenly turned his back to the east and glared at Pippin. "Why in Middle-earth did you act so rashly? Confound it, Pippin!"

"I'm sorry, Gandalf, I really am!" Pippin cried, desperate to be let off the hook, desperate for forgiveness. "I meant to keep silent, just like you told me, but... Lord Denethor already knowing about Boromir, and grieving so... I suddenly felt so guilty, with such a debt owed... I'm sorry. I wish I could take the oath back, find another way to pay the debt."

"I wish that too, Pippin, but it is not possible," Gandalf replied, gently at last. He could not undo Pippin's latest folly, but he looked at Pippin until he knew the Hobbit saw the forgiveness in his eyes. "I should not worry too much about being sent into battle, at any rate. I suspect Denethor will keep you close by at first, where he can worm information from you. You have sworn to obey him, but within those confines, be as careful as you can with what you tell him. He is unlikely to risk losing you until he believes you have told him all he wants to know, and by then I suspect events will have moved beyond anything Denethor is prepared for."

"Is that supposed to encourage me?" Pippin asked in some confusion.

"More or less," Gandalf replied wryly.
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