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Welcome! This is a Lord of the Rings roleplaying game based on the trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien (book verse).

Frodo and Sam failed in their quest to destroy the one ring. It is lost in Mordor, and the two Hobbits had no choice but to turn back. The fate of Middle Earth once more is undecided.

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One Ring to rule them all..
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Sep 18 2014, 13:43
The Council had dispersed. Legolas had just a moment ago lost sight of the last person who had attended. They all had gone their way, mostly quietly and in thought, and Legolas wondered whether the magnitude of what had been discussed weighed on then as heavily as it did on him.

He had come here to report the escape of a creature whose importance he had been unable to fathom. Even now, he was caught between feeling even more ashamed of the Mirkwood Elves’ failure to keep Gollum safe, and thinking the creature might be the least of their problems.

The Ring, the Hobbit having agreed to destroy it, the various moves the Enemy had made so far in the various realms to find out about and get it back, the danger all of middle Earth was in, including Legolas’ own people, it would take a lot of thinking to fully come to terms with it all. What was he going to do now? Could he simply return home and leave the fate of the world in the hands of a Halfling?

With the Council with its long tales and explanations having taken up many hours, it was well past the time for a midday meal, and the guest had been invited to request food from the kitchens wherever they felt like it. Legolas’ plan had been to take something in his room so he would have some peace and quiet to think. Yet, when he got there, it was too quiet, and to enclosed for his thoughts to run freely. He longed for fresh air and the kind of not-so-quiet solitude that his home woods had to offer.
Aug 10 2014, 14:06
This is something I have been wondering about for a while. We know they pretty much hated each other during the first part of the journey, learned to tolerate each other with time, and were more or less stout friends when leaving Lothlorien.

But the moment when they truly became friends isn't shown. Would you be interested in exploring that part?
Jun 7 2014, 07:55
Ahead was chaos, behind were men eager to fight, after long days of waiting and hoping. It looked like their prayers and curses had been successful, though, as the ships seemed to have arrived in time - if only just.

Legolas quickly ran his hands over his gear to make sure everything was in place, secure and easy to reach while behind the troops where hastily moving to get into some resemblance of order.

Aragorn was right there a few steps away, the Rangers a little to the left, and Gimli here at his side; comfort in a place where nothing was certain.

And then they were charging into the hordes of Harad.
May 31 2014, 20:01
The Elves at the stronghold of Eryn Lasgalen were in an uproar. As Legolas hurried through the corridors and halls he could hear the hushed whispers of excited conversations everywhere. It was easy to imagine this to be idle gossip - as it usually was - but this time there was good reason for the rush of emotions: They had failed.

The task had been so easy, in theory, simple yet important; Take care of one prisoner. There was nothing complicated about this, but now the prisoner was gone. If that was not bad enough, two of the Elves who had been guarding him were dead, and another so severely wounded that the healers were not sure whether he would recover from his wounds.

Several scouting groups had set out immediately in an attempt to track the creature. The Orcs had been found and destroyed, but of the prisoner no trace had been found. Legolas had been part of one of those search parties, and the group was the last one to return to the stronghold now. Their search had been as useless as that of the others and mood was exceptionally low.

The failure of Gollum's escape and the price of that escape weighted heavy on Legolas as it did on every Elf around, but the failure to recapture the creature was a personal one.

It was late, but Thranduil was still in the throne room, surrounded by his advisers who were also talking in excited hushed voices. The conversations died down as Legolas entered the room, though, and every face turned in his direction with expectations written all over them.

"What news do you bring, my son?" the king asked, even though Legolas had known what the question would be all along, and the assembled Elves surely could read the answer on his face. He did have to put it into words, though, something that made the failure and shame feel even more real.

"We traced down and destroyed the Orcs that did the attack, but there is no sign of the creature Gollum." he reported dutifully.
May 1 2014, 09:35
For the first time in days, Legolas was alone. He had risen early to spend yet another day exploring the Golden forest. Most of the time now, he had Gimli with him, but today he had deliberately chosen true solitude.

Of course, somehow it seemed impossible to truly feel alone in this place. The majestic presence of the trees never faded. Legolas thought the Greenwood forest beautiful, Imladris had been a pearl in the ocean of time, but if there was any place that could resemble the Blessed realm, it had to be Lothlorien. Here amongst the silver trees, Legolas could not think of many ways how Aman could be any more beautiful than this.

If it were not for the quest, he thought, he might even be content to just linger here. Of course, at some point he would be needed in the North, his father's realm, his people could not be abandoned. On this morning, though, with the sun softly filtering through the canopy, though, it was so easy to forget about all that.

How blessed people were who had made their home here!

At that thought, suddenly Legolas' wood-elf instincts picked up. There was someone nearby, a little further into the trees. While not alarmed or worried, he continued on more slowly and carefully. In Mirkwood, he would have now put a hand on his knife, but any weapons had been left with the camp, as Lothlorien was one of the few safe havens left in Middle Earth.
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