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Welcome! This is a Lord of the Rings roleplaying game based on the trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien (book verse).

Frodo and Sam failed in their quest to destroy the one ring. It is lost in Mordor, and the two Hobbits had no choice but to turn back. The fate of Middle Earth once more is undecided.

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Radagast The Brown


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Dec 31 2014, 15:26
This is mainly directed to Pooka to expand on our conversation concerning Radagast and Dis, however, everyone is welcome to join in!

So, Pooka, how do you propose Radagast should end up in Erebor?
Dec 31 2014, 13:03
Hi everyone, my name's Matty and I'm a fairly young roleplayer. I've always loved watching the "Lord Of The Rings" movies but never got to read the books as I was too young.

When "The Hobbit" movie was released it gave me the urge to read the book, which I'm doing. I instantly became a fan of Radagast The Brown and this is probably why he was my first choice to go to for a character to roleplay on this board.

Speaking of roleplay, past experiences I've had have been Live Roleplaying (with a text box restricting the amount of words you can use). This has brought me into the bad habit of summarising my roleplay and excluding thoughts and explanations of my characters. I'll get out of the habit, I promise tongue.gif

So, that's about it. All that's left to say is I hope I can get a chance to roleplay with everyone and I'm happy to be here!
Dec 29 2014, 17:45
Full name: Radagast, Radagast "The brown", Aiwendil (In Quenya).
Date of birth: Uknown, before the creation of Arda.
Home: Radagast hails from Valinor but currently resides in Rhosgobel.
Species: Istari (Maia).
Occupation: Guardian of the Forests of Middle Earth.

General appearance: Radagast is a small, stout humanoid standing 5'4" with brown hair and dark, swampy green eyes. His hair, long and a bit scraggly, comes down just past his shoulders. His eyebrows and beard are both long, thick, bushy and match the colour of his hair. He seems to be in his 50s, with some wrinkles and laugh marks.

Distinguishing features: He bears brown robes with a satchel and an oaken staff dawning a blue crystal resting within the twisted branches on the crown of his weapon. His hat, brown with a bird's feather attached to the top, serves as shelter for the nest which houses one of his dearest friends, Alforus, on top of his head.
The scent of earth is an unmistakable characteristic of Radagast and reflects his persona: strong and intriguing.

Likes/Dislikes/Strengths/Weaknesses/Bad habits: Radagast prefers the company of fauna to that of Men and therefore has a vast amount of knowledge on the various woodland inhabitants of the woodlands. His magics are usually subtle and passive, enabling him to talk to and understand animals. That isn't the extent of his magic though, as he is able to interact with flora in ways no others can- growing them at alarming rates, manipulating them to create barriers, shelters and the like.

His affinity for herbs have led him to become an outstanding healer, able to revive those nearly within the grasp of death. He is the guardian of the wildlife in Middle Earth and falls into state of depression when a bird or other animal passes away, much like a person would with a loved one. This is can both hinder and aid him, providing him with the will to help those in need to the best of his abilities.

His skill at combat with his staff is also notable, particularly when he repelled the spirit of the Witch King of Angmar.

A flaw of Radagast's is that from spending so much time with beasts, he is somewhat naive to deception. This leads some to think he is simple-minded.

His obsession with flora and fauna often lead him to isolation and shunning from others as he seems a bit mad or eccentric.

He hates seeing wildlife suffering and will shrug off his docile nature to reveal a ferocious fighter if needed. This gives him a drive to watch over wild life before facing the growing threat of Sauron directly.

Radagast is selfless and brave and also highly intelligent, being a wizard. He can perform healing spells and magical blasts.

Family: He doesn't have any relatives, although Gandalf has mentioned him as a "cousin", probably because they are both Istari.
Other important people: Radagast is on good terms with the Great Eagles as well as having friendly relations with Beorn the skin changer, although the two only meet from time to time.

History: Radagast was one of the Istari who had been sent to Middle Earth by Yavanna. His mission was somewhat unclear but some believe it was to watch over the wildlife of the forests should Sauron's power threaten them.

He was sent 1,000 years into the Third Age, along with the likes of Gandalf. He had little concern for the affairs of Men and Elves but was far more knowledgeable with birds, plants and beasts of the forest.

Radagast unknowingly lured Gandalf to the Tower of Orthanc in Isengard where Saruman imprisoned him. Radagast ended up becoming Gandalf's saviour by sending a Great Eagle to his rescue, carrying him far from Saruman's grasp. This unknowing-ness led to Saruman dismissing him as "simple".

When Elrond's scouts were sent to Mirkwood in search for Radagast's help in The War Of The Ring, the found his Rhosgobel dwellings empty... No one knew where he had seemingly disappeared to.

Role play sample:

The Brown Wizard, holding a singing swallow on his index and middle fingers, was perched on the stump of an old oak tree North of his Rhosgobel-ian dwelling beside the Old Forest Road. Evening was falling and he had just met with his fellow Istari, Gandalf, to deliver a message to him from the head of their order, Saruman, asking of Gandalf to travel to Saruman's tower, Orthanc. So, Gandalf had set off on his trek and once again Radagast was left to his own devices in the company of the nature of Mirkwood- which he rather quite liked.

"I do wonder what in the world Saruman wants with Gandalf, my little feathery-friend", Radagast exclaimed to the animal that was now jumping and dancing along his arm.
The bird tweeted back to him as he listened with great consideration.
"Ah, yes, you are right, Alforus, I must agree with you that if Saruman has need to summon Gandalf it must be of a serious matter. Perhaps it was the escape of the foul creaure, Gollum. But we're still in the dark as to the reason why Gandalf is needed...", Radagast jolted up from the stump he had sat on and this caused his small companion to jump and fly a couple of feet around him until landing on his shoulder, "Dark! We must be heading home now, Alforus! Lest we wish for the bats to catch us", he warned, "Not to mention that we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow, very busy indeed."
With that he removed his hat revealing a nest in which the swallow flew in to. He placed his hat back on and hurriedly made his way south, back to Rhosgobel.

The last rays of the setting sun, in vain, shot through the small openings of the thick foliage in Mirkwood, desperately trying to grasp tree branches and vegetation on the forest floor before they disappeared entirely- just like Radagast into his humble abode.

The thundering roar of a mighty bird resonated through the trees, causing early morning life in the woods to stir. Radagast opened his eyes and jumped out of his bed ranting to himself, "I'm late, I'm late! Oh, no, heavens sake, no!".
He ran around his home skittishly, searching for something...
"Has anybody seen my staff? I seem to have misplaced it."
The animals in his home- birds, mice, rabbits, frogs and hedgehogs to name a few, began bustling about the dwelling in search of the Wizard's misplaced item. A mouse squeaked excitedly as it ran around, drawing attention to its location. Radagast said with relief, "Ah, of course", he lifted this mouse and gently petted its head saying, "You always know where to find things, you little ranger!".
His staff was resting against his bedside, where it always was- he was in such a hurry that he hadn't remembered. He lifted the staff with his left hand and gripped it tightly as he walked to the door of his home.
"Now, look after the place while Alforus and I are gone, I-", he was interrupted by a second bellowing of the call of an eagle, a Great Eagle to be exact.
"Oh, yes- I must be off, goodbye and I shan't be too long!", he shouted as he ran out of the door, making his way to the edge of the forest.

He arrived at the outskirts of Mirkwood, joining with the Gladden Fields where the sight of a huge and mighty eagle stood awaiting the Wizard.
"Young Gwaihir, how are you this fine day? Taking care of yourself I hope!", he greeted the eagle cheerily in the bird's language as he walked to him, out of breath from the run through the woods.
The eagle replied in the same tongue, "I've been well, thank you, Radagast. Do you bear any news from the woods?"
Radagast nodded, "Conveniently enough I do. The head of my order, Saruman The Wise has summoned Gandalf The Grey, but I'm sure you know him- most folk do, to The Tower Of Orthanc at Isengard. Alforus and I haven't a clue as to the reason for it though, we are inclined to think it is a matter of Gollum escaping King Thranduil's prison. Maybe-", he was yet again interrupted by the mighty bird.
"Gollum has escaped?", he asked in shock.
"Why yes, I thought you may have heard?", asked Radagast.
"Only now", came the answer of Gwaihir.
"So that means you haven't been able to inform anyone... Which means that Saruman mustn't know either! I think it may be best if we cancelled today's preparations for you to travel to Isengard."
"I think that is a wise choice, Brown Wizard", Gwaihir agreed.
"Go, my friend, inform the White Wizard of the events, as fast as your wings will take you, I shall send messengers to your home to deliver apologies for your absence.", Radagast's usual cheery and merry tone was replaced by solemnity and graveness.
"You need not fear, Radagast, I shall inform Saruman."
"I am grateful for your assistance, mighty Gwaihir", praised Radagast.
"Perhaps I shall stumble upon our dear mutual friend, Mithrandir. Keep well, now won't you? Goodbye, Aiwendil!", Gwaihir bellowed as his wings took him to the sky.
Radagast stood and said to himself, "Yes,perhaps you shall..."

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