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Welcome! This is a Lord of the Rings roleplaying game based on the trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien (book verse).

Frodo and Sam failed in their quest to destroy the one ring. It is lost in Mordor, and the two Hobbits had no choice but to turn back. The fate of Middle Earth once more is undecided.

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The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion and the rest of the Middle Earth literature belong to JRR Tolkien and the Tolkien estate, not us. This forum is purely fan-made and for entertainment purposes only. Thank you for creating this wonderful world.

One Ring to rule them all..
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» Rules
 Posted: Apr 8 2014, 15:13
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Character Page

General Rules

1. Be respectful
That's pretty clear. Don't insult or attack your fellow roleplayers and the admin team. If you don't like something someone else is doing, say so early (maybe in a short email to that person or to one of the admins) so that the matter can be settled before emotions run high.

2. No spamming
Advertisements, are welcome in the advertising section and nowhere else. Players are quite welcome to share the occasional site and whatever else they have found in the vastness of the web with the others, as long as it's within normal boundaries and part of a discussion.

3. Use good language
That includes the use of complete sentences, full words, punctuation, paragraphs and the use of the shift key. In short, write so your post is easy and pleasant to read. That includes ooc conversation. Typos do happen, but we expect you to make an effort.

4. Rating
user posted image (using the Universal RPG Rating System)


1. Both canon and original characters are welcome. Check our canon list to see who is taken and who is available. Canon characters not listed there are generally available.

2. We don't have a character limit, but please make sure you can keep them all active.

3. One character per account - meaning if you play several characters you will have to use different accounts with the appropriate character name. Jcink offers the feature to link accounts, so you won't have to log out and back in to switch between them.

4. All characters have to be approved before you can enter into the main game. Please use our character application for that. You are also welcome to contact someone of the staff if you have questions or an idea for a character but would like some input about how to best integrate you character into the game. The welcome forums is also a good place for that, as it allows everyone to add their ideas.

For those who have difficulty writing down an application for a character right away and would prefer to get to know said character through some roleplay, you can just fill in what you know and try to get some plots going in the Off the Record forum.

The rules for this forum are simple:
  • Anyone can post there as long as they have a WIP application posted or are already accepted.
  • To keep people from staying in the WIP stage indefinitely, the use of the forum is limited to one month or 30 IC posts (whichever comes first) before the application has to be finished.
  • Naturally, if you chose this road, you can leave out the roleplay sample in the application.
  • Threads started there can but don't have to be moved over to the main part of the forum upon acceptance. Until moved they will not officially become part of the timeline.
To avoid common pitfalls, we recommend you read the character creation guidelines before posting an application. An engaging character is the quickest way of making people want to thread with you.

5. Keep your character file up to date
You can either use your application for that or create separate character page. The character files have several functions, one is to give others on the board an idea who that character is and how that particular player sees his/her character and is likely to play him/her. Another is to give new players a very quick overview of the character and the character's roleplay history (most especially when they could be found where) without having to read every single thread. And sometimes it is just helpful to have a place to look up some details about the character that you are interacting with at the moment. So please, put a little care into this.


1. Please, no one-liners
...or as little as possible. Try to give a picture of the surroundings and your character, the scene. We don't have a word count, just try to give your fellow roleplayers something to work with.

If you feel unsure how to add a little more substance to your post, try our Roleplayer's Guide For Beginners or contact the Staff. While we don't have a formalized tutor system, there should always be a seasoned roleplayer happy to give a few tips on how to move a scene forward.

2. Stay Active
We try to aim at roughly one post a week (per character). If you know you will be gone for more than a week and know about it in advance, say so in the absence forum, so people won't wait in vain for your posts. Also, give us a time frame for when you expect to return, so we know whether to wait or write around your characters.

If a character has no IC posts in six weeks without a proper absence notice, the account will be turned inactive and the spot (if it's a canon) and claims opened to other players. For major canon characters (as specified in the canon list) the time frame is one month.

At the same time be patient if you happen to have more time on your hands than other players. Bugging people for posts is rude and usually counter productive.

3. No god-moding
You play your character, the other play their characters. Simple.
You may imply some of actions of the other character IF .. they are only minor, the other player hinted at his plans in a previous post or there is really no logical option. And of course, you can include another character in your post all you like if you have that player's permission.

4. No meta-gaming
It is unavoidable that the player knows more than their character. Do not use information your character does not logically have in your post.
For example, if your Lady is just meeting my character for the first time, she can't know that he likes to cheat at cards.

5. There is no post order. In a thread with three or more characters everyone can reply as needed. It is the responsibility of each player to keep up with their character. However, allow for a reasonable time for a character to reply when posting back and not bulldoze over someone just because they might not be able to post just as quickly as you can.

6. Unless otherwise specified, all threads are open by default to all character who have a good reason to be there, no matter how many characters are already playing or how long the thread has already been running.

7. We do not require or encourage post templates, but if you want to use them, feel free. However, we ask you to follow a few basic guidelines: Don't change the font size or color (to keep readability even when the board skin is changed), and don't use images wider than the max signature size.


1. Avatars should be 100x100px and not animated. The maximal allowed file size is 15kb. Images containing inappropriate material are not allowed.

2. Signatures should not be larger than 500x300px. The maximal allowed file size is 50kb. Images containing inappropriate material are not allowed and will be deleted.

3. We do not require playbys and faceclaims are at your discretion, but once a face is reserved, the use is exclusive. Faces from the movies are reserved for their specific character, although the players of those characters can pick a different face if they prefer.
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