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Welcome! This is a Lord of the Rings roleplaying game based on the trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien (book verse).

Frodo and Sam failed in their quest to destroy the one ring. It is lost in Mordor, and the two Hobbits had no choice but to turn back. The fate of Middle Earth once more is undecided.

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The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion and the rest of the Middle Earth literature belong to JRR Tolkien and the Tolkien estate, not us. This forum is purely fan-made and for entertainment purposes only. Thank you for creating this wonderful world.

One Ring to rule them all..
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» Getting Started Guide
 Posted: Apr 8 2014, 20:26
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Character Page

Read the rules and other information topics
The Plot
The Rules
This is the required reading. The rest isn't mandatory although recommended. As usual, if you have questions, just ask. We have a shoutbox and a [url]guest friendly forum for that purpose. To make things quicker and easier, we are also maintaining an FAQ .

Create your character
You can either chose one of the available canon characters or make an original character. We also have some wanted ads and NPC list (once it is available) that might give you character ideas. For some hints, try our character creation guideline.
For every character, and application has to be posted. However, it is possible to start with some plotting and even roleplaying in the Off The Record Forum while fleshing out the character and/or finishing up the application.

After your character is accepted
If you haven't done so already, say hello in the introductions forum
Take a look at the Timeline to get a feel of what is going on. It also can't hurt to ask around for any ongoing threads that you could join.
Head over to the plotting area and throw out some ideas about what you would like to do with your character.
You can also start a random thread, and invite people in.
We have a strategies for getting threads help file and the roleplayers guide for beginners, which might give you further ideas.
Generally, there is nothing more important than to read read read to lean what is going on. The more familiar you are with the place and the various stories going on, the easier it will be to find you niche and weave in your own stories.

Useful links

canon list
application template
character creation guideline
what's happening in..
wanted ads
NPC / Adoptables list
strategies for getting threads
PMEmail Poster

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