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We have closed. Thank you for all who have participated and made this place awesome!

Welcome! This is a Lord of the Rings roleplaying game based on the trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien (book verse).

Frodo and Sam failed in their quest to destroy the one ring. It is lost in Mordor, and the two Hobbits had no choice but to turn back. The fate of Middle Earth once more is undecided.

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The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion and the rest of the Middle Earth literature belong to JRR Tolkien and the Tolkien estate, not us. This forum is purely fan-made and for entertainment purposes only. Thank you for creating this wonderful world.

One Ring to rule them all..
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 Posted: Apr 17 2014, 14:50
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It's best to post in the Questions and technical issues forum, because there all of the team can see your question, and you will get an answer much quicker. However, some issues might not be suited to be discussed in public. In those cases, please pm one of the staff directly.

Tolkien nerd and addicted to roleplay for way longer than a person should be.

Can best be reached by pm to her Chris account
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Incredibly fond of Tolkien (would run off to live in Middle-earth if such a fantasy were possible!). Roleplaying for many years and still going strong! smile.gif

Reach by sending a PM to her Rowy account.

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