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Welcome! This is a Lord of the Rings roleplaying game based on the trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien (book verse).

Frodo and Sam failed in their quest to destroy the one ring. It is lost in Mordor, and the two Hobbits had no choice but to turn back. The fate of Middle Earth once more is undecided.

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One Ring to rule them all..
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 Posted: Apr 17 2014, 20:30
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(Note: Any "abandoned" thread can be resumed if the participating players wish.)

2996 TA - Apart
Minas Tirith: Faramir vitnesses and reacts to Boromir's first assignment with the troops outside Minas Tirith
Cast so far: Faramir

TA 3018, early summer - A Visit On The Way To Bree Town (abandoned)
Bree-land: Farmer Maggot of the Shire and Elanor Dellbrook of Staddle meet for the first time and their friendship begins.
Cast so far: Elanor Dellbrook, Farmer Maggot

TA 3018, August - There's Bad News To Deliver
Gollum escaped. And now, someone has to inform Gandalf of the bad news.
Cast so far: Legolas

TA 3018, Septembre 19th - Ill Warning, Ill Finding (abandoned)
Rohan: After his imprisonment in Othanc, Gandalf comes to Edoras to warn King Theoden of Saruman's treachery, but Theoden is trapped under an evil influence.
Cast so far: Eowyn, Gandalf

3018 TA, Septembre 23-24 - Frodo Baggins leaves Bag End and then the Shire (accompanined by Samwise, Merry, and Pippin, in an effort to deliver the One Ring to Rivendell.

[b]TA 3018, early October
- Of Bartering And Friendships (abandoned)
Bree-land: On the way to the market in Bree, Elanor Dellbrook and Berard Burrwen run into Farmer Maggot and a purpose-driven Ranger.
Cast so far: Arthalion, Berard Burrwen, Elanor Dellbrook, Farmer Maggot

TA 3018, Octobre 25th - Taking In The Revelations
Rivendell: During a break during the Council of Elrond, Gandalf and Legolas share some deep conversation.
Cast so far: Gandalf, Legolas

TA 3018, Decembre 21st - Of Fire And Water (abandoned)
Lorien: Elladan and Elrohir sharing a morning meal and discussion the current state of affairs.
Cast so far: Elladan, Elrohir

TA 3018, Decembre 25th - A Return To The Music Of Life (abandoned)
Lorien: Daeron returns from his exile, entering Lothlorien.
Cast so far: Daeron, Galadriel

3018 TA, Decembre 25 - The Fellowship of the Ring sets out from Rivendell on their quest to destroy the One Ring

[b]TA 3018, Decembre 27th
- The Gathering (abandoned)
Rivendell: The first individuals in the North band together to oppose the growing darkness there.
Cast so far: Arthalion, Elrohir

TA 3019, early January - A Timely Encounter
Eriador/Arnor: Berard Burrwen unexpectedly notices a camp in the forest one night and goes to investigate. There he meets another Ranger named Aglanor, and they discuss the darkening situation in Arnor.
Cast so far: Aglanor (NPC), Berard Burrwen

3019 TA, January - Time Doesn't Seem To Pass Here (abandoned)
Lorien: The Fellowship is resting in Lothlorien and Legolas, on one of his trips to explore the woods, runs into Celeborn.
Cast so far: Celeborn, Legolas

3019 TA, January - Mixing Water And Oil
Lorien: Gimli and Legolas forge their friendship while the Fellowship is taking respite in Lorien.
Cast so far: Gimli, Legolas

T.A. 3019, mid-January - Timing And Coincidence
Eriador/Arnor: Halbarad has called the Rangers to hurriedly gather who is available. One Ranger family is struggling with sending who they can.
Cast so far: Thalion, Aglanor (NPC)

3019 TA, mid-January - The Gray Company rides South (led by Halbarad), while the efforts to gather help in the North are beginning in earnest.

TA 3019, end of January - Keeping Up the Guard Still
Shire, North-farthing boundary: Rory Pinewhistle, a Hobbit Bounder, unexpectedly encounters Aglanor, a Ranger of the North, and they begin to learn about each other's people.
Cast so far: Rory Pinewhistle, Aglanor

3019 TA, early February - A Ride In Haste
The Rangers and Elrond's sons are hurrying south. It is a long ride..
Cast so far: Elrohir, Thalion

3019 TA, late February - Unknown Territory
Erebor: Dunadan Ranger Aglanor is sent to bring news to King Dain Under the Mountain of developing events and hardships in western Arnor, and possibly request some aid.
Cast so far: Aglanor, Dwalin

3019 TA, March 7th - Out Of The North, Unlooked For
Rohan: The Rangers' (Gray Company) arrival in Rohan, breaking camp the next morning.
Cast so far: Legolas, Thalion

3019 TA, March 12th - Mordor--on The Doorstep
Mordor: Frodo and Sam pass through Shelob's Lair and into Mordor. Sam rescues Frodo from the tower of Cirith Ungol, and they struggle onward to reach Mount Doom, but Gollum has apparently abandoned them and they fear his further treachery at any moment.
Cast so far: Frodo, Sam

3019 TA, March 15th - The Battle of the Pelennor

3019 TA, March 15th - Unfurling The Banner
Minas Tirith: The ships have arrived, and the fresh troops are slowly turning the tide of battle.
Cast so far: Elrohir, Gimli, Legolas, Thalion

3019 TA, March 15th - I Come From The Battlefield
Minas Tirith: The night after the battle, Thalion is trying to find Aragorn to inform him of Halbarad's death, but instead runs into Gandalf.
Cast so far: Thalion, Gandalf, Lenerath

3019 TA, March 16th - What News The Dawn Might Bring (complete)
Minas Tirith: At the Houses of Healing shortly after Aragorn healed him from the Black Breath, Faramir is desperate for news, and Gandalf is the one to bring them.
Cast so far: Faramir, Gandalf, Lenerath

3019 TA, March 17th - Convalescense And Some Tasks
Minas Tirith: At the Houses of Healing, the healers are getting a breather, Faramir is convalescing, and everyone has to get a grip on the situation.
Cast so far: Faramir, Lenerath, Imrahil

3019 TA, March 17th - I Am Nobody's Hero (abandoned)
Minas Tirith: Éomer checks on his sister at the Houses of Healing.
Cast so far: Éomer, Éowyn

T.A. 3019, March 18th - Contemplation And Conversation (abandoned)
Cast so far: Elrond, Elrohir

3019 TA, March 19th - The One Ring is lost in Mordor

3019 TA, March - And The Sun Now Fades (abandoned)
Minas Tirith: Early morning at the Houses of Healing. Eowyn and Faramir meet for the first time.
Cast so far: Éowyn, Faramir

3019 TA, March 21st - The Trouble With Four Legs (abandoned)
Rohan: The Host of the West is moving, and one of the Rangers is having some trouble with his horse.
Cast so far: Éomer, Thalion

3019 TA, March 24th - Gwaihir picks up Frodo and Sam and takes them to where the Host of the West is encamped

T.A. 3019, March 25th - Seeking Counsel (abandoned)
Lorien: Galadriel and Elrond have much to discuss.
Cast so far: Elrond, Galadriel

TA 3019, 26 March - Spiritual Lover (abandoned)
Minas Tirith: A meeting between Éowyn and Gandalf in the gardens of the Houses of Healing.
Cast so far: Éowyn, Gandalf

3019 TA, April 7th - Frodo and Sam arrive in Minas Tirith for some rest and healing

T.A. 3019, April 11th - Temporary Respite
Minas Tirith: Faramir is paying his first visit to Frodo and Sam at the Houses of Healing.
Cast so far: Faramir, Samwise, Frodo

TA 3019, April 13th - Little Curiosities (abandoned)
Minas Tirith: In the Houses of Healing, Lady Eowyn strikes up a friendship with Frodo and Sam.
Cast so far: Eowyn, Frodo, Sam

TA 3019, April 13th - For the Dreaming (abandoned)
Lorien: After the third assault on Lothlorien is repelled but before the final march upon Dol Guldur, Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn have much to consider.
Cast so far: Galadriel, Celeborn

3019 TA, April 17 - Back Into the Dark
Minas Tirith: The realization sets in that Frodo, Sam, and the Free Peoples must try and retrieve the One Ring from where it lies lost in Mordor. Wise council needs to begin to form a plan of action.
Cast so far: Frodo, Sam

3019 TA, April 18th - A Council meeting is called to decide what should be done to retrieve the One Ring.

3019 TA, May 10th - The Decoy Group sets out from Ithilien to distract Sauron's forces from the Strike Team.

3019 T.A., May 12th - The Veil Removed - Beregond's Actions Come To Light (abandoned)
Minas Tirith: Faramir is confronted by his guard’s confession to having killed some fellow guards in his desperate efforts to save Faramir from death at the hands of Denethor's madness.
Cast so far: Beregond, Faramir

T.A.3019, May 12 - Measure By The Heart Beat (abandoned)
Minas Tirith: Faramir struggles to weigh justice, mercy, honor, and gratitude in deciding what price his guard Beregond should pay for killing several fellow guards.
Cast so far: Éowyn, Faramir

TA 3019, May 14 - More Than Words (abandoned)
Minas Tirith: Shortly before the Strike Team sets out, Lady Eowyn means to give its leader, Faramir, a stern piece of her mind, but the encounter takes an unexpected turn.
Cast so far: Eowyn, Faramir

3019 TA, May 15th - The Strike Team sets out from Minas Tirith to retrieve the One Ring lost in Mordor.

TA 3019, May 18 - Passing Through Shelob's Lair
Mordor: The Decoy Team must make certain the monster Shelob is dead before they enter Mordor to begin clearing a path and creating a diversion for the Strike Team.
Cast so far: Gandalf, Thalion, Daeron

TA 3019, May 23rd - At the Onset of Night
Ithilien into Mordor: The Strike Team's final night camp in Ithilien before attempting to enter Mordor, making plans and trying to keep up their morale.
Cast so far: Faramir, Sam, Frodo, Legolas, Gimli

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